Shoe Polishing Service

Our shoe polishing service is the mainstay of our business. Our shoeshine service offers a top-up to a good polishing, the care lotions and potions we recommend are those that work best for our polishing, and both our patinas and repairs include the shoe polishing service as the final step before shoes are returned, looking their best, to our clients.

Whether you are after regular maintenance for your full wardrobe of shoes, or just a one-off service for a special occasion, we can help you. As our shoe care advice pages (to be found in our Journal) will show, our shoe polishing service starts with a cleaning and nourishing of the shoes, proceeds through returning colour and laying a foundation shine, then finishes with a high shine and mirror finish on the toe. We’ll also exchange any laces that are looking a bit ratty and give the sole edges a shine to better frame the shoes.

london shoe polishing service

Needless to say, we have a range of service levels to cater for varying needs and different types of shoes. Our standard shoe polishing service is, unsurprisingly, our most popular and offers great value. Our Glacage service (mirror finish over most of the shoe) is suitable only really for simple shoes (wholecuts or plain toe-caps, not brogues), and works best on darker shoes. For old shoes needing a full Refurbish, we will strip off the existing layers of wax to get back to the leather, nourish with dubbin over the course of several days, then build up the finish again to a high shine.


Standard Polish – £20

Glacage Polish – £40

Suede / Reptile / Exotic / Patent – £25

Refurbish – £70

Drop off, collection and postal services

Marriott Park Lane Hotel

Drop off location

If you are in London, the simplest way of getting shoes to us drop them off with us at the Marriott Park Lane Hotel, our London GHQ.

Postal Service

For clients unable to visit us in person, we suggest posting shoes to us. If possible, please send the shoes with shoetrees and shoe bags for their protection. To arrange our postal service, please contact us so we can give you the best address and an idea of timings.

Collection from home or office

Some of our clients prefer to have a batch of shoes collected from their home or office, and delivered a few days later, if they are unable to make it to one of our locations. We do ask a minimum number of shoes for this service, and there is a small extra collection charge that will be added to your invoice. Please contact us to arrange a collection.

Shoe Repair and Reconditioning

Well-made shoes that have been looked after will last a long time. A long long time. We work with a very talented cobbler to deliver a high quality shoe repair service, which includes our famous polishing afterwards so by the time the shoes are returned to you, both the soles and the uppers have been taken care of.

We offer a very wide range of repair and reconditioning options so please do get in touch with us if you have any kind of a problem, and we will do our best to find a solution.

One of the more common ailments of shoes; the hole in the sole. The gentleman has wisely had indented metal plates cut into the toes of the sole, which will have protected the front edge from wearing away, but there’s not much that can be done to erosion under the ball of the foot.

Ah, much better. The soles have been replaced and fresh indented toe plates fitted. The client opted for the much neater closed channel hidden stitching, which involves more handwork than a standard resole, but has a much nicer look. The soles used were from the famous JR tannery in Germany (as with all of our resoles) and are very strong, so will last a long while.

Service Tariff


Drop off service for a more thorough and longer lasting leather care and shine. This involves more creams and waxes than a ‘shoeshine’ and includes a glacage (wax and water / mirror) finish on the toe


Drop off service to revitalise and nourish dress shoes or snake/alligator leather using dedicated products


Drop off service including a fully shampooing of the suede, tinted almond oil renovating spray and waterproofing treatment


Much like our standard polish above, but with the mirror finish extended across the sides and back of the shoe. This is particularly effective on simpler shoes, such as wholecuts and cap toe oxfords, and well-suited to formal events.


Highly recommended for clients wearing down the front of their soles, these metal plates are cut into the sole rather than nailed onto it for a smoother, more attractive finish, and our standard ‘polish’ service is included to take care of the uppers.

FULL LEATHER RESOLE – £95 (£145 with closed channel stitching)

Replacing the whole sole with a JR leather unit (regarded as the highest quality oak-bark tanned sole), and a standard ‘polish’ to complete the refurbishment

Further cobbler services are available but too many to list! Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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