How to care for Suede Shoes

care for suede shoes

We are very often asked how to care for suede shoes. People usually ask with a note of resignation in the voice, thinking that there is nothing that can be done Suede is very much underused and that’s partly because it is seen as more delicate. Attentive care and the right products, however, can ready your suede for almost any circumstance.

First things first – make sure your shoe trees are in.

1. Brush down with a special suede brush to get rid of dust and dirt, taking care around any damaged or worn areas. Dried stains can be rubbed off with the eraser part of the brush.

2. Once the surface is prepared, it’s time to shampoo the suede. Mix the Omni’Nettoyant shampoo 1:1 with luke warm water, and use either the provided brush or, better yet, one of our dauber brushes to work the shampoo over the suede shoes and build up a lather. Once this is done, rinse the brush and repeat the process with just water; this is to clean the shampoo off now that it’s done its job. Leave the shoes to dry overnight.

3. Next it’s time to nourish the suede and to return a little colour. A generous spray of tinted Saphir Renovateur Spray will take care of this. It contains things like almond oil and is much better for your shoes than cheaper, more chemical-based products.

4. Finally, we recommend protecting your suede shoes with Super Invulnver spray. Much like the Renovateur spray, the Invulner is formulated to look after high quality suede leather and so does not contain the same harsh chemicals as cheaper products.

And that’s it. Your shoes are now ready to get back on the streets.

Both the brown pair of boots in the above image and the blue pair in the video are from Oliver Sweeney.