Marriott Hotel Park Lane

Charles Tyrwhitt, Jermyn Street

Royal Automobile Club

Our London shoeshine chairs

marriott park lane london shoeshine chair

Marriott Park Lane

The Marriott Park Lane Hotel is our London base. We have our London shoeshine chair for visitors dropping by, and it is where we do the majority of drop off work. If you are unable to visit us during our standard opening hours (see right), the dashing chaps behind the Concierge desk will be able to take in shoes on our behalf and store them securely for us. The hotel also has a lovely bar, Lanes of London, with which we can offer a cocktail and a shoeshine experience.

London Marriott Hotel Park Lane

140 Park Lane, W1K 7AA Right next to Marble Arch tube station, the entrance is on North Row

Monday to Friday12pm until 7pm

charles tyrwhitt london shoeshine service

Charles Tyrwhitt, Jermyn Street

Jermyn Street is the centre of the universe as far as English shoes, shirts and men’s accessories are concerned… and so naturally that’s where we feel most at home. Our partnership with the Charles Tyrwhitt flagship store is the ONLY London shoeshine service open on a Saturday; we run six days a week.

Royal Automobile Club

There are very few places that can match the opulence, service and atmosphere of the RAC. Without doubt it is the daddy of the member’s clubs and we are pleased to partner with them to deliver a service in such beautiful surroundings.

These clubs are, by their very nature, not open to every Thomas, Richard or Henry. We have established these chairs within the clubs as, first and foremost, a facility for the members. That said, in certain circumstances, we can entertain non-members. Please contact us to learn more about these locations or if would like to schedule an appointment (dress code and house rules apply).