We can add an element of old fashioned charm to any event or occasion with our shoeshine service. We have worked with blue-chip firms and high-end consumer brands including Hogan Lovells, Harrods, Christian Louboutin, Gieves and Hawkes, Investec, and BP.

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Who is the flaneur?

The [definite article] Jaunty [expressing a lively, confident manner] Flâneur [a gentleman who saunters around observing society] The modern flâneur buys his accoutrements with care and knows that time spent looking after these will be repaid with years of fine living. He knows that buying high quality and caring for it is a better investment than buying cheaper and more often – for so many reasons. And, bien sûr, he knows the value of the confidence glowing from a brightly polished pair of shoes. It is these values, and this way of life, that the Jaunty Flâneur hopes to promote.

Our hidden social agenda

The Jaunty Flâneur also incorporates Shoe Shine Crew, a brand bringing shoe shines into offices and giving job opportunities to those who have experienced homelessness and are ready to move back into mainstream society. Where the Jaunty Flâneur addresses private clients, Shoe Shine Crew shines for les grandes fromages at their desks.


People recovering from homelessness are often dismissed by recruiters for no more reason than a gap in their employment history. This is both a terrible Catch-22 and a problem we can do something about.

Our sister brand Shoe Shine Crew has all the details on how we create opportunities for those that most need this support. In short, we carefully work with various homeless charities to find the right candidates with bags of untapped potential, then train them to our high standards and equip them with fine products. We establish them with sales locations in corporate offices, and guide them through gaining regular clients and profitably running their own mini-location. Crew members showing promise and enthusiasm, can then progress within our firm to high levels of shoe care and greater opportunities.


We include a donation of socks with every pair of cashmere/silk socks that we sell. This is our decision and so we do not pass this on to you, dear customer, as an extra cost. Instead, for this range of socks we take a reduced margin to allow us to buy suitable socks for rough sleepers. (To put it another way, paying the same price for the same quality elsewhere means a choice to line someone’s pockets rather than donate to charity!)

If you would like to pay for a pair of warm socks to be donated but don’t intend to buy from cashmere/silk range, there is always the option of ‘purchasing’ the donation as a stand-alone item. These socks do make a real difference to rough sleepers’ health and hygiene and are rarely part of other clothing donations.

A social business

All sales go toward supporting the overhead of our social company. We are run with social goals at heart, not financial gain, and our customers make us a stronger enterprise, which will make a lasting difference to the long-term unemployed who are ready to move back into work and away from benefits. And best of all, all this social goodness can be had at no extra cost! As we do not leak dividends to owners and investors (like most businesses), we can offer the same prices as others for the same high quality products and include social benefit!

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