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Good things last a lifetime; it’s one of the reasons we love them. We build a relationship with these things and share experiences with them. The shoes you wore at your wedding, the watch handed down from your grandfather to your father to you… Our repair service respects this bond and we take it upon ourselves to help take your shoes on into the future. We can revive, resurrect and return your cherished items to you so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Our turnaround time for repair work is typically 2-3 weeks and naturally all of our services include our standard polish as part of the price.

Flaneur Resole


Hidden stitching at the bottom and indented metal toe plates; the ultimate in strength and refinement, so naturally it’s our ‘house style’ resole!

Indented Metal Toe Plates


An absolute necessity for gents who wear the front edge of their shoes before the ball of the foot. Can be applied to new shoes, or as a £25 supplement if ordered at the same time as a resole

Micro-cell Rubber Sole


Increasingly popular for more casual shoes and loafers, this is a lightweight rubber sole available in a range of colours

 Standard Resole with Toe Plates


Not so tidy as our Flaneur resole, but just as strong, and with the same reinforcing metal toe plates to add life to the soles

Heel lining


Frequently an area of the shoe that gets a lot of wear and tear, we can reline the inside of heels, or even pad the heel to give a more snug fit if your shoes are a little loose

How to get shoes to us

If you’re based in, or visiting, London you are more than welcome to pop in to our space in Savile Row (map below).

Otherwise, please contact us via the form below the map to discuss our postal service.

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