Patina Service

Patinas and recolours are a way of creating something very personal and special from a standard pair of shoes. We have clients who look to repurpose an old pair of under-used shoes with a new look; shoes that have been broken in and are very comfortable but are either showing the stresses of age or are so similar to other shoes in the wardrobe that they are not worn often. A patina will revamp those shoes and get them back on the client’s feet pronto. A number of our clients also appreciate a made-to-order finish on their shoes right from the off. They bring us virtually brand new shoes and we talk through how they can be made truly unique. Perhaps they want to create an antique finish, or simply want to end up with a pair of shoes of such vibrancy and colour that no shoemaker would offer such specificity on their shelves.

Once you’ve decided to move ahead with the service, we open up a discussion around what the shoes are starting out as and where you’d like to end up. Once we’ve defined the finish you would like, we take the shoes away for a few weeks, and return them coloured and polished.

Shoe patina – £145

Boot patina – £165


These prices cover the vast majority of our work, though for finishes involving three or more colours, or particularly complex effects, we will offer a price on request. N.B. The original colour of the shoes will impact what we are able to achieve. For this reason, we very rarely accept patina requests on black shoes, and depending on the leather, we may not be able to accept your commission. Patent and bookbinder finishes being examples of leathers, which we are unable to recolour. To learn more or to get the process started, please do get in touch…

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ARTHUR SLEEP Collaboration

Seeking to offer a bespoke patina service, we have partnered with UK slipper purveyors, Arthur Sleep. One can now order a pair of their slippers in an unfinished calf leather, and define one's patina with a world of possibilities. Have a look HERE for more information.