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Postal Shoe Care Services

We recognise that we are a niche business, virtually unique in our offering. As such we have a number of valued clients not able to find a similar service locally to them, and so we strive to make it as easy as possible for those not based in London to access us

In a nutshell

For those not wanting, or not able, to visit us in person we offer a remote postal service. Simply post us your shoes, we’ll work on them and invoice you including return shipping, and send them back to you.

Using our Postal Form

The below downloadable pre-printed Postal Form has been created to guide clients through the process.

Complete the form as fully as possible, and we will confirm your services on receipt of your shoes.

More information on our Services can be found HERE, or please do email us with queries

Packing Advice

We always recommend that the shoes be packed with their shoe bags and shoe trees. If you don’t have your own bags and trees, but would like some, we can add these to your order together with any shoe care products you may want.