La Cordonnerie Anglaise Biarritz Travel Shoe Care Kit

£105.00 or £87.50 non EU

This travel shoe care kit is comprised of the minimum products required to look after one’s shoes and keep size and weight as low as possible.

  • La Cordonnerie Anglaise; the denier cri in luxury shoe care products
  • Soft suede pouch (approximately 18cm square)
  • 2 x 50ml LCA shoe creams
  • 2 x LCA palot brushes
  • 1 x small LCA bubinga brush
  • 1 x LCA cloth
  • 1 x LCA folding shoe horn

NB: Please email us to confirm which coloured creams you would like in your kit. The standard arrangement is black and neutral, but we are happy to substitute any combination of LCA creams you would like.

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Travel shoe care kits are a tricky business. One tries to balance enough products to look after one’s shoes properly, whilst keeping that bundle as small as possible so as to make the kit as portable and useful as possible. In this Biarritz travel shoe care kit, we believe the correct balance has been struck.

Encased in a neat, compact, stunningly crafted suede pouch, the products within cater precisely for the traveller’s needs:

  • A small brush to get rid of the day’s dust and dirt
  • Two beeswax creams (naturally our soigné traveller carries more than one pair of shoes) containing enough beeswax for a shine and enough nourishing nutrients to care for the leather
  • A cloth and two palot brushes to apply the creams and buff to a lovely finish
  • A shoe horn to protect the backs of the shoes when slipping them on

Whilst the standard shoe care kit is stocked with a neutral and a black cream, we understand that this combination may not suit everybody and so we are very happy to swap creams around and provide whatever you would like. It might not be a bad idea, in fact, to add a range of shoe creams to your order and simply pick the two most suitable for your wardrobe when travelling.

How to use the shoe care kit

Using the travel shoe care kit is simplicity itself:

  • First brush down the shoes to prepare the surface for polishing and remove dust
  • Use a palot brush to dip into the cream, and clean up the welt area of the shoes
  • Then wrap the cloth around a finger, touch the cream, and massage into the leather
  • Leave the cream to work its magic for half an hour
  • Fold up the cloth to create a flat surface, and buff briskly to bring out a shine
  • For the more adventurous of you, wrap the cloth around a finger again, drip a drop of water on to the toe of the shoe, and ply a little more cream in tiny circles. This won’t have quite the same effect as a hard wax, but will shine brighter than the rest of the shoe