Black Tie Shoe Care Bundle

£55.00 or £45.83 non EU

  • La Cordonnerie Anglaise beeswax polish – black 50ml
  • Saphir Medaille d’Or Mirror Gloss – black 75ml
  • Selvyt cloth size A
  • La Cordonnerie Anglaise palot brush
  • La Cordonnerie Anglaise 18cm brush
  • Silk ribbon laces

For some, patent shoes are the choice for evening wear. For some, it’s velvet slippers. But for the Flaneur, highly polished, simple, calf leather shoes are the ideal. Think elegant wholecuts or beautiful derbies; never brogues.

We have put together a little bundle of goodies to keep your evening wear shoes looking their very best and shining brightly. We’ve also included some of our silk ribbon laces to add a subtle touch of decadence and embellishment; it is, after all, a special occasion!

How to use the black tie shoe care bundle

First use the LCA brush to dust off any surface dirt on the shoes

Then use the palot brush and a little of the LCA wax to clean and wax the welt area between the upper and the soles of the shoe

Wrap the Selvyt around a finger, touch the wax (a little goes a long way), and massage into the leather all over the shoe

Fold the Selvyt up to create a flat surface, and buff the wax off the shoe, bringing out a shine. Do these last two steps several times to build several thin layers of wax

Now comes the tricky part… With the selvyt again, apply a little of the Mirror Gloss to only the toe and the rear quarter of the shoe. These areas have internal elements to help them hold their shape; do not use the mirror gloss on areas of the shoe that flex as the finish will simply crack off

Apply the mirror gloss with a drop of water in tiny circles of the desired area. Typically around four layers should bring out a mirror finish

Add a final layer of LCA wax with a drop of water to add a little more depth to the finish

Put in the silk ribbon laces, and you’re good to go!