Shoe Bags – Brushed Cotton

£15.00 or £12.50 non EU

  • 100% super soft brushed cotton
  • Burgundy colour with our little logo in the corner
  • Protect shoes from gathering dust, fading in sunlight, and falling debris in the the wardrobe
  • Perfect for protecting the rest of your luggage when travelling
  • Individual bag for each shoe so the pair doesn’t rub together
  • Cord draw-string
  • Soft enough to be used for a final buff before heading out
  • 19cm x 38cm

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Every man needs a rotation of shoes for differing occasions and outfits, and to give his shoes a rest between wears. But what to do with those pairs not being worn? How to keep them at their best and help them retain their shine? These questions need no longer be vexing… We have the solution. Luxury brushed cotton shoe bags.

After each wear, pop your shoe trees in, give your shoes a brisk brush to get rid of the day’s dust, dirt and debris… Then tuck your shoes up in their shoe bags. The soft brushed cotton will mean they are protected against scuffs and scratches, and they are great for travelling with. Using shoe bags when packing shoes into a suitcase will ensure that no marks are left on your fine bespoke shirtings from dirty soles or enthusiastic layers of beeswax cream.