Flaneur Polishing Cloth

£12.00 or £10.00 non EU

We have worked with Selvyt to design what we believe to be the best polishing cloth on the market. It’s a heavier weight and a tighter weave than a standard polishing cloth, so will stay damp longer for for glacage finishes and is softer for a cleaner, clearer mirror finish.

N.B. Our cloths are white, not slightly yellow as in the image, but are unbranded as shown. We simply didn’t want to camouflage the white cloth on the white background!

  • Heavy-weight, super soft woven cotton velvet
  • Raised side for lifting dirt and stains, and a softer side for glacage
  • Can be washed and used again
  • 17 inches x 14.5 inches
  • White
  • Made in England


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As with our wax and cream videos, you need only apply a little product with the cloth and massage into the leather. We sometimes cut the cloth into strips to make wrapping it around fingers a little easier, but there’s no requirement to do that. So long as the ‘business surface’ of the cloth remains tight and flat, rather than creased, you will be able to achieve the best from your products and an impressive shine.