La Cordonnerie Anglaise Luxury Shoe Horn


  • Essential for maintaining the backs of your shoes and avoiding creases
  • Beautiful stitched leather handle
  • Chrome-plated nickel ‘blade’ that will last
  • 41cm / 16″ long to save bending down

It is beyond important to use a shoe horn. Jamming one’s feet into the shoe and stamping down is a sure-fire way to break the backs of one’s shoes and there’s simply no need for it. A nice, long shoe horn is the answer and what better than this luxury example to add a little ceremony to getting ready in the morning.

For something a little simpler, have a look at our Basic Long Shoe Horn


How to use LCA luxury shoe horn

EVERY time you put your shoes on, loosen the laces or undo the straps to open up the shoe. Then use the shoe horn to ease your foot in to protect the heel counter and – equally important – your socks (which are no doubt fine examples chosen from our well-curated range).

A few more words on the subject…

An extra note regarding shoehorns from our journal

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