La Cordonnerie Anglaise Lanolin Beeswax Shoe Cream 50ml


  • Cream to deeply nourish leather
  • Gently removes old polish and grime
  • Moisturises leather for longevity
  • High colour pigment to restore fading colour or even change the colour of your shoes
  • 50ml size – a little goes a long way

To be used before polish is applied, this shoe cream will clean, nourish, and improve the colour of the leather. Rub in gently, and leave for quarter of an hour to dry before applying polish. Time enough to restore your own tissues with a glass of something, perhaps?


How to use LCA shoe cream

Wrap a Selvyt cloth around a finger and lightly dip into the jar to get a little product on the cloth. Then massage the leather in circular motions paying particular attention to the creasing that will develop just behind the toes – this area should be rubbed along the creases to ensure the nutritious cream gets into every nook and cranny. Allow at least 15 minutes for the cream to absorb into the leather and then buff. A shine will develop at this stage and will be ready to be worn. If you want a higher shine, follow with a few layers of beeswax polish.

Note that the creams have a strong colour pigment and will restore life to faded shoes, but can also be used to ‘antique’ a lighter pair by using a slightly darker cream.

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