La Cordonnerie Anglaise Brush

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Everybody needs a horsehair brush in their shoe care kit.

  • 100% premium horsehair, from premium horses
  • Made in France
  • 18cm long, 5cm wide
  • 3cm Bristle length
  • Varnished bubinga wood handle
  • As featured in Esquire’s Big Black Book

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How to use the La Cordonnerie Anglaise brush

We strongly recommend every chap has a good horsehair brush and this Cordonnerie Anglaise brush is exemplary. At the end of every day, quickly brush down the shoes to get rid of the day’s dust, before putting the shoes away. Similarly, at the beginning of any polishing regime, go over the shoes briskly with the brush to clear the surface before applying creams.

La Cordonnerie Anglaise is the world leader in premium shoe care. From the same stable as Saphir Medaille d’Or, and sharing many of the same products, LCA really set themselves apart with their peripheral products such as their brushes. The brushes are well made ensuring the bristles don’t shed, the bristles are densely packed, and the wood is well crafted and a pleasure to hold.

A good polishing brush is an important first step in every shoe care regime. Have a look HERE for details of the full shoe care routine.

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