La Cordonnerie Anglaise Round Applicator Brush

£14.00 or £11.67 non EU

  • La Cordonnerie Anglaise make without doubt the finest shoe care products around
  • Made in France
  • 14cm x 4cm, 2cm bristle length
  • Bubinga wood
  • Pig silk bristles
  • Ideal for grain leather polishing

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How to use the Round Applicator Brush

Typically we would advise that waxes and creams are applied with a cloth, but for some leathers – particularly grain leathers – this round applicator brush is the tool of choice.

Dip the round applicator brush into the cream or wax (a little goes a long way), then apply the product in round motions all over the shoe, leave a short while and then buff off. The bristles are able to get product in between the bumps of grain leather without leaving any build up, whereas using cloths on grain can ‘smooth’ over the textured finish.