Large ‘Shoemaker’ Horsehair Brush

£15.00 or £12.50 non EU

As all the pros will tell you, size matters – particularly when it comes to a polishing brush. The incredible length of these bristles means you keep the wooden handle (and your fingers) far away from the shoes, and brush more with the side of the hairs rather than the ends. The sheer size of the polishing brush means that you need far fewer strokes to achieve the same amount of ‘contact’ as with smaller brushes. An absolute must for the serious shoe care aficionado.

  • 100% premium horsehair, from premium horses
  • Made in Germany
  • 21cm long, 7cm wide
  • 4cm bristle length
  • Varnished wood handle
  • Grey bristles

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How to use our large horsehair brush

We strongly recommend every chap has a good, large horsehair brush. At the end of every day, quickly brush down the shoes to get rid of the day’s dust, before putting the shoes away. Similarly, at the beginning of any polishing regime, go over the shoes briskly with the brush to clear the surface before applying creams.

The larger the brush, the more surface contact per stroke and so the easier the job is when compared to using smaller brushes. Our large horsehair brushes have not only a hell of a lot of bristles, but very long ones too. This allows for nice, long strokes with lots of contact and keeping the wooden handle far away from the shoe.

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