Maglia Umbrella – Solid Chestnut Stick and Green Herringbone


  • Incredibly beautiful, handmade Maglia umbrella
  • Made in Milan, Italy
  • Solid stick (shaft and handle are the same piece of wood) is incredibly strong
  • Metal ferrule
  • Dark green woven herringbone canopy
  • 63cm rib length
  • 93cm length from tip of ferrule to top of handle
  • Sleeve with shoulder strap
  • Add a monogram to the sleeve for an additional £20
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About our Luxury Umbrellas

We have worked with Ombrelli Maglia to design our very own umbrellas. We’ve opted for solid stick construction as we are firm believers in buying the best quality items and living with them for many years. Then we picked two beautiful woven herringbone canopies – a dark green and a navy blue – with a two tone effect; the inside is very slightly darker than the outside of the canopy. We also insisted on button straps (rather than metal poppers) and umbrella sleeves with shoulder straps for easy carrying when not in use. Owning a Maglia umbrella is a true investment in a gentleman’s style and a true pleasure to feature in one’s wardrobe.

How to care for your Maglia Umbrella

Treated well, a Maglia umbrella will last generations. Just a few maintenance tips will dramatically increase the life of your brolly. Whenever possible, leave your umbrella open to dry. If that’s not an option, gently shake the canopy open and closed – but not side to side. Never close the umbrella or put it away with water on the inside as this can lead to rusting and damage to the wood.

When furling the umbrella, hold the handle and gently gather the tips of the ribs together. Pull out and straighten any folds of the canopy that have been creased. Then very lightly grasp the canopy toward the ferrule, and gently twist the handle of the umbrella as you move it through your hand. The idea is to turn twist the canopy around the shaft, but not to put any pressure on the shaft or ribs. Once this is done, the strap should line up perfectly to button up the brolly without having to pull hard. Finally, button the second strap to hold the rib tips in place.

Maglia Umbrellas

Francesco ‘Chino’ Maglia is the fifth generation of the family – indeed the fifth Francesco – to craft the world’s finest umbrellas at their workshop in Milan. Every stage of production is done in-house by skilled artisans and by hand.