Mazarin Cashmere Silk Socks – RED


  • The ultimate sock for indulgence, comfort and to-hell-with-you-I’m-wearing-cashmere-about-my-toes-ness
  • Over-the-calf length (accept nothing less)
  • 70% cashmere, 30% silk, 100% sumptuous

We know that some of you out there have what Mr. Oscar Wilde would refer to as simple tastes: You are always satisfied with the very best. With this in mind we bring you cashmere silk socks for a little more ‘je ne sais fromage’. They are achingly, meltingly soft and there is no feeling better than wearing these. At least, nothing that it is legal to sell in the UK.

The cashmere delivers warmth and softness, and the silk adds strength to the fibres making them durable without resorting to nylon or other such obscenities.

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How to wear red cashmere silk socks

This is a stunningly joyful shade and cashmere silk socks are always going to be a lot of fun! Being red, they can easily be paired with almost all trousers and shoes combinations. At the more ‘formal’ end, a well polished black wholecut oxford shoe and a navy suit can be given a new lease by adding these to the ensemble. For a more casual look, brown suede and jeans would also work incredibly well.

How to care for cashmere silk socks

All of our socks can be machine washed at 30 degrees (if in doubt, err toward the most delicate setting). It is best, however, to avoid any tumble-drying. To hand wash a batch of socks is not a particular trouble and (for me) investing in a care ritual generates a better bond with your purchases – much like polishing shoes or brushing down a suit.

In terms of general wear and tear, cashmere silk socks – as with all luxury socks – benefit from a few precautions. Regularly cutting toe nails, properly loosening the laces and ALWAYS using a shoe horn will add to the longevity of one’s socks. If a hole does appear, darn without delay and continue wearing and enjoying your cashmere silk socks!

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