Mazarin Green Cotton Socks

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  • Wonderful soft embrace of one’s lower leg
  • Over-the-calf, the only suitable sock length for a gentleman
  • Long-fibre Egyptian cotton
  • Reinforced heels and hand-linked toes

These beautiful Mazarin green cotton socks are the flagship colour from Mazarin – a colour that was developed right at the beginning of their relationship with the Academie Francaise.

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How to wear Mazarin green cotton socks

They are particularly brilliant with mid-grey or brown, are a little less formal than most of our colours, and make for the perfect weekend sock. Wearing them under smart jeans with brown suede loafers, or under grey flannel with a brown or tan brogue would look equally perfect.

How to care for Mazarin green cotton socks

All of our socks can be machine washed at 30 degrees (if in doubt, err toward the most delicate setting). It is best, however, to avoid any tumble-drying. To hand wash a batch of socks is not a particular trouble and (for me) investing in a care ritual generates a better bond with your purchases – much like polishing shoes or brushing down a suit.

In terms of general wear and tear, Mazarin cotton socks – as with all luxury socks – benefit from a few precautions. Regularly cutting toe nails, properly loosening the laces and ALWAYS using a shoe horn will add to the longevity of one’s socks. If a hole does appear, darn without delay and continue wearing and enjoying your Mazarin socks!

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