Medium Brown Wax – La Cordonnerie Anglaise Beeswax Polish 50ml

£6.50 or £5.42 non EU

  • High beeswax content to form a protective layer and create a high shine
  • Medium pigment to maintain existing colour
  • Apply with a few drop of water and a cotton cloth in small circles on the toe and heel (nowhere that flexes as you walk) for a high mirror shine
  • 50ml size

Apply a small amount of the beeswax polish regularly – every week or so depending on how often you wear your shoes – for best results. Many light layers will maintain a higher shine and better protection from the outside world. Having polishes for each shoe colour is best, otherwise buy neutral and pair it with coloured creams.

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How to use LCA beeswax polish

Wrap a Selvyt cloth around a finger and stroke the top of the beeswax polish to get a LITTLE product. Then massage the wax into the leather in circular motions. Do not expect a shine during this ‘wax on’ stage – that comes from buffing off the polish briskly with very little pressure. Don’t forget to go over the stitching above the sole with a welt brush. Leave the shoe alone a for a minute or two to allow the wax to settle and to dry a little. Then fold a cloth several times to get a ‘pillow’ with a flat surface, which you can use to buff the beeswax polish off. Then apply wax again in the same fashion, and buff again. Building layer upon layer will deliver the best shine. 

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