Palot Brush

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These palot brushes are a little more ergonomic than the traditional welt brushes and great for dealing with brogued areas too.
The welt area of a shoe needs attention and protection. Usually we would advocate applying products by hand or cloth, but these welt areas are tricky devils and to get right into the crannies, one needs a small brush. These fine examples are very tasteful, made of the highest quality materials and to the highest standards, and – most importantly – get the job done.
  • Horsehair bristles
  • Bubinga wood
  • Shaped to work product into the welt area
  • Also ideal for brogued areas
  • 7cm x 3.2cm

It’s wise to have a welt brush for each colour in the shoe care kit to avoid leaving black polish marks on lighter shoes.

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Why do you need a palot or welt brush?

Having smart, clean welts and sole edges can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the shoe. It sounds like a small, almost insignificant, detail, but in many ways, the welts and sole edges act as a sort of border for the upper. If you have a fine painting, you would also invest in the appropriate frame to best show it off, wouldn’t you?

Furthermore, the stitching of goodyear- and Norwegian-welted shoes needs to be protected against the elements to keep it strong and smart. A layer or two of wax now and then, as you’re looking after the uppers, will shield the stitching slightly against rain and dirt and so look after it.

How to use our palot brush

Dirt and dust will build up over time in the welt area, which can be tricky to clean, so a dedicated palot brush for scrubbing this area is a good start. Then, using a little wax polish, brush over the stitching to protect it.

There are several types of welt brush that can be used for this area. We prefer the shape of the palot brush as it feels good in the hand and allows for controlled application of wax even in the arch of the shoe, where traditional ‘toothbrush’ shaped brushes become awkward to use and often end up knocking the wooden handle into the leather.

For the rest of the shoe, we recommend using our Selvyt cloth

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