Various Colours – Saphir Medaille d’Or 1925 Beeswax Polish



  • Widely known as an excellent wax paste used by the finest shoemakers and brands the world over
  • Apply with a few drop of water and a cotton cloth in small circles on the toe and heel (nowhere that flexes as you walk) for a high mirror shine
  • Navy is a wonderful shade of shoe and we’ll be seeing more navy leathers in the future, I promise you!
  • Burgundy is a very rich brown with a touch of red – ideal for adding a little antique feel to your shoes
  • Cognac is a little more red still (without being bright) and will really set off a pair of shoes under grey or navy trousers
  • As featured in Esquire’s Big Black Book

Apply a small amount of Saphir Medaille d’Or polish regularly – every week or so depending on how often you wear your shoes – for best results. Caking on a glut every few months is not the same – light layers but often will maintain a higher shine and better protection from the outside world. Having polishes for each shoe colour is best.


How to use Saphir Medaille d’Or Beeswax Polish

Wrap a Selvyt cloth around a finger and stroke the top of the wax to get a LITTLE product. Then massage the wax into the leather in circular motions. Do not expect a shine during this ‘wax on’ stage – that comes from buffing off the polish briskly with very little pressure. Don’t forget to go over the stitching above the sole with a welt brush. Building layer upon layer will deliver the best shine.


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