Saphir Medaille d’Or Mirror Gloss


  • Hard, concentrated wax to quickly bring up a mirror shine
  • For use in addition to, not instead of, our other high quality creams and waxes
  • 75ml
  • Made in France


This is the final finishing move to quickly create a mirror finish on your shoes. Perform your usual shoe polish routine then, on only the areas of the shoe that don’t flex as you walk (the toe and rear quarter), apply the mirror gloss. It is applied in much the same way as the usual waxes when creating a glacage finish; a little wax and a little water, worked in circles with a cloth. This wax is a more concentrated form of the standard waxes so feels a little drier and harder, but does bring up a mirror finish very quickly.

You will immediately notice that the mirror gloss takes a bit more coaxing to get onto the cloth and to spread onto the shoe. This is one of the reasons why a good foundation of your normal polish routine is important; the gloss works best when it is being built on top of an existing finish.

I would also recommend adding a layer or two of normal wax on after the mirror gloss, too. This can add to the depth of the finish, and as the gloss is only available in two colours, a little LCA or MdO beeswax on the top can really add to the effect.

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Black, Neutral, Burgundy, Dark Brown