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Have you met… Gownsmith?

Gownsmith is a new brand co-founded by our very own Tom, who founded the Jaunty Flaneur and who enjoys a niche market just as much as the next man. Being so heavily involved with Savile Row and all its machinations, Tom was able to partner up and develop a new dressing gown pattern using bespoke traditions, and then wrap that up in the finest that the Row’s cloth merchants have to offer.

The Gownsmith collection isn’t about frills and frogging, but about the comfort of being ‘at home’ and wrapped up in three and a half metres of terrific cloth.

To learn more, visit their website https://www.gownsmith.com/ or the next time you book in with us, we may also arrange for one of the Gownsmith team to be on hand to look at fabrics for a made-to-order gown.