shoe horns

How and why to use shoe horns

Using shoe horns is the easiest thing in the world and yet, mysteriously, so few chaps do. Open the laces generously, then simply use the horn as a ‘slide’ to ease your foot into the shoe. The trick, obviously, is in your heel being against the shoe horn rather than pushing down on the back of your shoes.

There are men out there – even in this enlightened age – who do not use a shoe horn, but instead stamp their feet into their shoes. This puts excess pressure on the heel cup and will lead to wrinkles and folds being created across the back of the shoe. Not only does this look terrible, but as the heel will mould to the shape of your foot over time, constant pressure from above will make the shoe less comfortable.

Our range

We have started our shoe horn range with a Basic and a Luxury option. Everybody needs a shoe horn, so we have a simpler, cheaper option available, but for those that want something that feels nicer to use and will last longer, we have an alternative from La Cordonnerie Anglaise

Incidentally, the image above shows our two horns with a pair of made-to-order navy Vass austerity oxfords from Ascot Shoes and their shoetrees, and the socks are Bordeaux cotton over the calf.

Basic Long Shoe Horn


La Cordonnerie Anglaise Luxury Shoe Horn