The average chap, out there in the wild, doesn’t do enough to take care of his footwear. True enough, there are some gents who do take care of their shoes, and enjoy them for many years, but these clued-up individuals are few and far between. Some others might apply a bit of polish now and then, thinking they have done their bit, or might delight at the thought of the cruel joke that is the ‘shine sponge’ found in some hotels.

With the hope of converting a few fellows to take more pride in their appearance and devote a little more attention to their shoes, I thought a frame of reference might help…

Gents, it’s time to think of your shoe care routine in the same way you think of your hair care…

Every six weeks or so, you need to go to a professional shiner/polisher/barber. This professional will truly raise you a rung or two in appearance.

A couple of times per week, you might shampoo your hair; similarly you need to polish your shoes.

Every day you will brush your hair in the morning, and you should brush your shoes in the evening getting rid of and dirt or dust from the day.

Use great products on your shoes, just as you carefully select the products you use on your hair. Neither is a suitable area for cost-cutting; the right products will condition your leather and lend a healthy sheen. Bad products will dehydrate and lead to cracking.

Why is all this necessary? Time and time again we read that people do take notice of people’s shoes (and people’s hair). If we are to be judged on these areas – and if we know that we are – why would we not want to take steps to look good?