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First things first. Polishing is to shining as a skyscraper is to a sand castle. Yes, we will return your shoes shinier than before, but that is only part of the story. We will clean the leather surface of previous polish, nourish and rejuvenate, add a protective layer of wax, then build a mirror-like finish on the toe that will last a long time and be the envoy of the sartorial world. We are not satisfied with merely a bit of a brush up; we’ll give your shoes the full shebang of treatment and a long-lasting glaçage toe.

We normally turn shoes around within 2-3 days, though do let us know if you have an urgent deadline.

Standard Polish



We first nourish the leather, then add a layer of protective wax, and finish with a mirror-like cap toe


Our Standard Polish is our most popular service and is included in all repair services. It represents the ideal combination of leather care for the long-term and an eye-catching look.

Glacage Polish



A similar approach to our Standard Polish, but the mirror finish is extended over more of the shoe to cover the rear and sides

We recommend this typically for special occasions and events, and only on simpler shoes such as wholecuts or classic cap toes.


Suede Cleanse



A shampoo cleaning treatment, tinted almond oil renovation, then a water-resistant finish to give new life into suede shoes


How to get shoes to us

If you’re based in, or visiting, London you are more than welcome to pop in to our space in Savile Row (click HERE for details).

Otherwise, please contact us via the form below to discuss our postal service.